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When the world hands you lemons…

You might be thinking – hot sun & cold water not much of a vacation because its been damn nice back here in Indiana. Well, when the world hands you lemons, well…a picture says a thousand words!

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Ice Bath

Two days ago we swam comfortably all day long with water temps in the mid 80s. The air temp hit 90 degF that day and we spent most of the day in the ocean. When we woke up yesterday to another scorching hot day well into the 90s it seemed like it would be another day […]

Your lack of faith must not be expressed!

The growing trend to put atheistic ideas out in the open has the amusing affect of leading believers to contradict themselves. It gained momentum a while back with the “Don’t Believe in God, You are not Alone” billboards. Although a growing sector of society simply isn’t bothered – a message such as this one still shakes the […]

Which game should we play?

A strange game selection from the game closet tonight – kind of a good v. evil theme. I found it a little ironic that a shelf holding a game called “The Ten Commandments Bible Game” would also hold the demonic Ouija board. Of course, the Bible Game is little more than Bible trivia combined with a […]

Outer Banks Brewing Station

We visited the Outer Banks Brewing Station, the “first wind-powered brew pub.” I’m not going to be able to rank this above some of my favorite microbreweries because they do not offer a Pale Ale or an IPA – my two favorites. But the food was spectacular. I kicked off the evening with a sampler […]

Won, then done – in more ways than one.

20 Games after resuming, Isner pulls off the victory. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, he was fodder for his next opponent, but who wouldn’t be? The match will likely rival the final for memorability, so all-in-all not a bad way to go! (This post made from my new iPad.) jk

Guest Blogger

In March, Jake submitted an article to his school newspaper, but it was rejected for being too controversial in light of the graduation prayer firestorm. It seemed a shame to not publish it anywhere, so I am posting it here.  Enjoy! Let’s Put the Happy Back in Gay Marriage From time to time, I see […]

I don’t know what to say…

This is absolutely amazing. John Isner isn’t dejected – but he is very tired. After ten hours of tennis play was suspended because of darkness. Isner of the US and Nicolas Mahut of France are deadlocked in the fifth set at 59-59. (Yes, that’s 59-59! And those are games – not points – you have to win by two […]

Your Religion is False

Your Religion is False by Joel Grus The ‘New Atheists’ are fond of pointing out that religious people are atheistic with regard to every other God but their own. It’s kind of a good point, because anyone who accepts a particular religion is rejecting other religions, at least with regard to the irreconcilable differences which set […]

The Devil’s in the Details…Or is he?

Those who know me well understand how I feel about an overemphasis on branding. But this does not mean I can’t recognize when a particular brand is doomed.  For example, if you write a book about food, you could give people the wrong idea if you title it in one of these ways: Getting Pleasure from Eating […]