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Bias con Dios

The enterprise of science revolves around a methodology intended to extract or minimize human prejudices in the quest to expand our knowledge of the natural world. Sir Francis Bacon once said It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human understanding to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by negatives. which turns […]

Now that’s invisible power.

Harnessing wind energy is very cool. Heading up I65 on our way to southwest Michigan wine country the other day, we experienced the impressive Meadow Lake Wind Farm that sprawls out across White, Jasper, and Benton counties. It is planned in six stages with three stages completed.  Slated to be one of the largest wind farms in the world, it […]

What’s it like to be Autistic?

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time By Mark Haddon Of course, this calls back my recent discussion about Thomas Nagel’s essay of “What Is It Like to Be a Bat?” which is more about why we can’t really say what its like. The variations in the level of autism, of course, are fairly […]

The End is Near…now…no…now…no…Now!…uh…

  One of the funniest things to watch on YouTube are the doomsday prophesies. It’s comical how many world ending events are impending. When the ground near Yellowstone, a known megavolcano, began rumbling several years ago, the apocalyptic prophesies surged. Meteors, asteroids, global warming, hurricanes, earthquakes, even solar flairs – literally everything is a sign of the […]

Here’s a culture with a different God…

Let’s annihilate it! Of course, Christianity has no monopoly on the application of the strategy that wiping out the legacy of your competition is the best way to secure your system’s longevity. It’s a strategy that goes back a long way in human history. In the case of Christianity, once power swung in its favor (beginning […]


I stumbled on this gem (the movie – not the girl) through a NetFlix recommendation and it immediately struck me as relevant to the previous discussion on obscenity. If you’re a NetFlix member, you can stream it instantly. I can definitely imagine many who watch it would find it as obscene, and if you browse reviews for it, those who didn’t like […]

Bats in my Belfry

We did a bit of attic exploring yesterday to retrieve Rachel’s old daybed when we discovered a freeloading tenant, a cute little brown bat who was hanging out just inside the gable louver above the garage. Of course, my reaction instantly changed from “how are we gonna get that daybed with a bat in here?” […]


Kind of quiet out there… Due to the road construction on my way home from work, I’m pretty consistently taking the back route home which channels me through the endless fields of corn. With the unbearable humidity interspersed with scattered thundershowers, the insect population is off the charts. My drive is to the demise of enough […]

A definition is that which defines.

Some things are quite hard to define because they are so fundamental to the way we think and communicate that in order to define them, one often either pulls in terminology that is actually established by the original concept or pulls in terminology that confounds the whole enterprise of promoting an understanding.  For example, this video […]


I don’t go to a lot of movies anymore because sometimes it seems that no matter how good the movie is, you’re still getting screwed out of some serious cash. But shelling out nearly $10 a head for the ticket alone doesn’t rile me quite so much as the fact that once you’ve done so, you […]