Movie Friday!

Let’s start it off with a new RSA Animate on changing education paradigms. I really enjoyed this one because I’ve been thinking about a lot of what this lecture discusses for a long time. So often I have wondered why are we still doing things in the same way?¬†With the dramatic differences between today’s culture and the culture when I was a kid, how is it that the education model is comparatively¬†stagnant? Anyway, once again, highly recommended.


Next, we’ll move on to a clever little parable I ran across the other day. As with parables, it makes a very important point, but you can’t dive too deep in or you start pulling nonsense out of the metaphors.

Finally, did anyone happen to see the Simpsons intro last Sunday? The disembodied dolphin head on a stick (used for licking packaging tape) was classic. Nothing like a little dark humor. Of course it left me wondering what the hell the episode was going to be about – but it was pretty standard fare. Anyway – here’s the intro…(staying legal, so you have to watch the ad.)


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