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Who’s to say if ritual blinding is ‘wrong?’

Sam Harris has been promoting his new book called The Moral Landscape since his talk at the TED conference earlier this year. The book was finally released earlier this week. I’m just getting started, but right off the bat, Sam launches into some pretty heavy discussion about the human moral condition and science’s prospective role in evaluating […]

A razor is bad, but there have been worse things in apples.

Ahhh-I bit into this apple and got cut by a razor blade!! Ahhh-I bit into mine and caused the fall of man!! The 1970’s and 1980’s were the heydays that brought us the myth of Halloween candy tampering. Although as kids, we didn’t exactly live in fear of being victimized by some crazy neighbor, every year […]


Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! This is from  In honor of my parents, I’m dedicating this posting to marriage. They weren’t kidding about the mass weddings! The “I pronounce you man and wife” at 10:10:10? Coincidentally, by the way, exactly 10 of these women were virgins. Let’s take a closer look at one the […]

Made that way or held that way (Part 2)

  The second argument discussed in the previous post is sometimes considered the default consideration when the Argument from Morality is used.  Those without religious belief will often immediately jump to this defend against this perspective when they hear it. This position holds that without God to mete out final justice, individuals would not be compelled to […]

Made that way or held that way?

  A frequent talking point of theologians against non-believers, particularly in debates, is the Argument from Morality. Unfortunately, this argument is not consistent used. First, I want to distinguish between two main ways in which this argument is leveled. The believer is claiming that the human moral faculty cannot have arisen naturally. That is, there is no good natural […]

Endocannibalism – Digest your way to salvation!

According to the Pew Survey on Religion, about half of Catholics do not understand the church’s claim about transubstantiation. This is not surprising given what the Catholic position actually is, for the most sane reaction to hearing it presented is “nobody would actually believe that.” The operative ‘that’ is the claim that the consecrated bread […]

Who listens to the Westboro loonies?

It all started when two dudes thought they loved each other. Those Westboro folks tried to warn us. A ruling on whether the protests of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church are protected by Free Speech is due from the Supreme Court. These are the nuts that visit funerals of soldiers along with many other venues with […]

Your fortune says…

    The World Card. You’re probably thinking – yeah, I get the fortune cookie gag – but what’s with the Tarot card bullshit? It would be a shame to come away not appreciating the ‘world’ card reference. But, hey, I’m not going to all the work for you lazy asses. If you want somebody […]