Reverend, is that a monster in your pocket…

Or are you just happy to see me? This lunatic has it all figured out and has quite the grip on Satan’s plans for human kind.


“Children are developing relationships with all these Pokemon creatures. Little reclusive power-filled monsters!”  I’m surprised he didn’t take the monster-in-your-pocket metaphor to its inevitable conclusion.  (Perhaps that would move him too close to the priesthood.) My favorite quote in the video is

So Pokemon is a game that teaches children how to enter into the world of witchcraft. How to cast spells, how to use psychic phenomenon, how to put to work supernatural powers against their enemies, how to fantasy role play. Pokemon world is a world of the demonic, of the Satanic…

Meanwhile the blond in the purple and white dress nods in agreement. One can almost see her dragging the garbage bag through the house collecting the kiddies’ Satanic paraphernalia. Watching the clip, I had this strange desire to smack her on the side of the head and yell “Think!” so I did end up chuckling at the way the the clip cut off with the crazy preacher saying “Don’t think!” (clearly that wasn’t his full sentence, but on the other hand, clearly it was what he was saying through the very act of tossing that bullshit out to an audience that amazingly was able to keep from laughing.)

If you ever wonder about religion’s power and whether it can be used to turn people into mindless piles of meat, just listen to this guy talk and watch the crazy women nod. Do you suppose this guy lets his kids (assuming his not a closeted gay man without kids) go trick-or-treating on Halloween? Of course it’s not just a one-off. As we draw closer to the Halloween season, let’s take a look at the familiar Harry Potter criticisms from the same sad category of lunatics.


Hey was that Christopher Walken’s brother wearing the Harry-Potter-styled glasses?  How do you not laugh at

Witchcraft IS reality…Satanism, blood sacrifices, wands, robes, owls, Latin words????

Latin words?  Perhaps this sentiment was better stated by the Ghostbusters…

And what about this blood sacrifice thing? – how does one toss this around as an atrocity when you are regularly spouting off the critical aspect of a blood sacrifice in the atonement fairy tale?  It really gets to be too much sometimes. Let’s close with a nauseating little clip from Jesus Camp. (Can I get an Amen?)

Oh.  That’s where FOX News gets its ratings! Hey, I agree, the granola left tends to be pretty far out there – but these nuts are kinda scary. Before we go…I should point out that we do have an interesting piece of information. Let’s take a closer look at Richard Dawkins (atheist therefore demon spawn) and compare him for a moment to Hermoine Granger (witch therefore demon spawn.)  Notice anything?…

Oh, I think the devil has a face…


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  1. Joek(old) 19 October 2010 at 7:04 am #

    No one can take the pokeman preacher seriously.

    Jon, for your next book you should have your photo on the back cover with the same pose. Would there then be three look-a-likes?

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