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You do know it’s a myth, right?

Those damn atheists are at it again with another campaign. Why can’t they respect the spirit of Christmas? I am biased, but the the American Atheists campaign seems a lot classier than the recent “keep Christmas holy” campaign featuring a haloed ultrasound. We’d all like to get a peek at that DNA! Which is somewhat ironic […]

If Atheists ruled the world…

Poe’s Law strikes again!    This charming little montage was purportedly put together from comments posted to fundamentalist forums. The guy with the hat is awesome because I have witnessed conversations that are disturbingly similar to that one. The stark absurdity of the arguments this simulation portrays should bother us all in the general inability to […]

Cuz I know the artist…

That’s why I got such a good deal on the mobile, now hanging proudly in the foyer. “Two Worlds” Remember, art makes a great holiday gift.  Like I said, I know the artist, so I can get you a deal. And don’t worry – there’s no atheistic back-theme you have to worry about. All these pieces […]

Begin consuming…now!

Why does she keep getting me this stuff I’ll never wear? A short drive yesterday reminded me how crazy shopping season gets. Not quite as bad as the Rally to Restore Sanity – but not that far behind. It’s probably better simply to do your shopping online. I have a number of gift ideas. First […]

Happy Turkey Day!

For as long as I can remember, my mom has always been a holiday nut. Lights, decorations, food, family and friends – she enjoys all of it. Dad, in order to prevent what has happened anyway on the outside (Christmas decorations coming out the moment the last candy is given out on Halloween) always put a […]

Chick’s crazy tracts make great gifts.

Most readers of this blog should be familiar with Chick Tracts, a long time staple of insane fundamentalist evangelicals. Although these laughably absurd caricatures of (the already laughably absurd) Christian doctrine have the look and feel of parodies, I assure you they are completely serious. In fact, Jack Chick has likely made a fortune selling […]

God crashes Prestonwood servers

Prestonwood Church and Christian Academy What – no monorail? Last week, the Prestonwood Christian Academy featured a debate between the Discovery Institutes’s William Dembski and renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens. At some point in time you will be able to watch it here; however, God brought down the servers in a fury for Prestonwood’s boneheaded stunt. […]

The land of the free and the home of the brave?

Thomas Jefferson famously said: Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Yet why is it we seem desperately frantic to fork over one freedom after another in the name of security?   Our cherished national anthem that leaves patriots teary-eyed and swelling […]

At least there are others…

…who found the Exorcism Conference surreal. jk

Rock Sex Rocks

When the foreplay started, they weren’t thinking about safe sex. Hence life on earth got its start. Evolution denier Kent Hovind (before being imprisoned for tax fraud and obstruction of justice) was fond of saying things like: Evolution holds that everything came from a common ancestor. These scientists also tell us that billions of years ago there were […]