Here’s another thing to worry about when you die.

You better vote wisely. It looks like you may burn in hell if you voted for the black guy last time. Bummer! Maybe, though, it’s not too late to make amends on this pass.

Hey, what do you get when you cross Mr. Rogers with a creepy religious pedaphile?  That guy! Accordingly, among the way you lived your life, God might be interested in-

What did you do with that vote I gave you?
Why did you vote for a leader who is attempting to redefine my institution of marriage?
Why did you vote for the killer of unborn children who I knew before they entered the womb?
Why did you vote for someone everyone knew was a Muslim?

Seriously, though, it’s important to be well informed about who you are going to cast your vote for. How sick would it make you to later find out you voted for some kind of psychotic creationist? Scary!

So I’ve gone out and sought those with the best chance of cleaning this country/state/county up! Here’s what I found to be most promising.

H.P. Lovecraft Rocks!

They’re all zombies!

Remember, Jesus doesn’t support the Zombie Party.
They eat your flesh – He wants you to eat his.
Besides, everyone knows Jesus wants you to….


On the other hand, this candidate looks promising…

Tom Riddle is a Repubican? Another shocker!

Sometimes the black guy is just the stronger leader…

But no matter who you vote for, you’re just going to be in deeper shit.


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