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This pretty much sums up the inanity…

“Repeat after me: My way is the way.” “Your way is the way” “No, no, no…My way is the way.” “My was is the way” “Excellent!” I was perusing a little website called thegodcontention which is simply a collection of questions with answers provided by various theological perspectives. The atheist position is defended by Richard […]

Hayek vs. Keynes – Round II

Here’s Part II.   (Thanks, Jirapat) jk

Born in the USA

Well it looks like the billboards are going to have to come down! Hopefully they don’t replace them with something even more stupid and far-fetched… I must admit that this unending circus of stupidity would have been much funnier had the U.S. population not been completely entralled by it. As it always does, media responded […]


Gotta love The Skeptics!  jk

They’re all about killing babies.

Sometimes you just can’t argue with Christian logic…  jk

Have a nice day!

I agree with Neil deGrasse Tyson Christians: Happy Easter. Jews: Happy 6th day of Passover. Atheists, Happy Day 114, 2011 CE. Muslims: Have a nice day. Hopefully a lot more than once… (Impied “to church” you sickos.) Okay, now enjoy the holiday collage… Peep Show   “No you can’t have a marshmallow in your hot […]

He’s coming…

The Easter Bunny and his Peeps! “He took the marshmallow, broke it and said, “This is my body…” Yeah, I know the Last Supper came before Sabbatum Sanctum, but it doesn’t really matter if you think about it outside of space and time. And to extend our “He’s coming…” theme, today’s Bible verse brings us all the way […]

Happy Good Friday!

I’ve been asked, “Why did it have to take place 2000 years ago?” Why not wait for the modern age where the events could be more reliably recorded?  Well…here’s why. “Mr. Christ, we’re going to have to ask you to come to the station to answer a few questions.” “It wasn’t supposed to go down like […]

And that’s why you don’t run with scissors!

Remember back when you were a kid and your over-protective parents provided all sorts of dictates such as “Don’t touch the stove!” or “Don’t stick your finger in that outlet!” or “Don’t drink the Draino!” There would always be the time, though, where you didn’t listen and “Ouch!” a nice burn on your finger. Inevitably, […]

Just for you…

Knox Presbyterian Church – Under 18 not admitted without a parent… jk