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Erratum, with due apology to Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco

Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco “I never had sexual relations with that boy.” A few days ago I reported the sex abuse scandal of one scumbag Father Dick Seppia and incorrectly referred to Father Dick as the leader of a commission established by the Pope to define a tough new policy on how bishops should handle accusations of priestly […]

Pagan Symbols

That elements of Paganism and Christianity merged to create the rich tapestry of symbols woven into the Christian backdrop is more than just speculation. Many of the iconic events such as virgin births, birth celebration at the Winter Solstice, attempt on the life of the infant god, number of disciples, ability to walk on water, […]

The Internet Jesus

The forensic profile of Jesus according to Popular Mechanics Ummmmm….kay. Not exactly what we expected, but he does look a bit more like a carpentar. The Ehrman video from a few days ago raised a few questions about the historical Jesus. In the comments section, I tossed in a couple additional video links that got […]

No Contest


Really, Benedict? Really?

With the rash of pedophilia cases that seemed to escort Pope Benedict into power a few years ago, when the pope announced he was taking the name ‘Benedict XVI’ I immediately thought of that memorable punch line: “Father Benedict!” “No I think I broke it!” The latest news, of course, involves Father Riccardo Seppia, who […]

The important thing is…

Got tired of watching end-of-the-world apocalyptic weather coverage, so I’m watching Bart Ehrman tonight…  jk

It gets better…but no thanks to religious bigots

In 2010, Dan Savage, a journalist and gay activist lauched the It Gets Better Project in response to a string of teen suicides in which gay teens were harrassed by God-fearing classmates beyond a threshold at which those individuals thought life could reasonably bring them joy. The videos aimed to extract those struggling teens from […]

Closing the Book on the Rapture

Well, May 21st passed pretty much like any other day. There was a minor volcanic eruption in Iceland, spring thunderstorms across the Midwest, and Harold Camping and his ilk are still earthbound beings…although now scrambling about what they intend to live on since most of their live savings went to FamilyRadio ministries. Not surprisingly, it seems […]

Jesus spotted yesterday.

Although many were left a bit unsettled about not being raptured yesterday, reports poured through the internet about Jesus sightings at the track yesterday for Indy 500 qualifications. And it appears he was judging with some unexpected criteria. Jesus, obviously, is a pretty decent guy. Notice the lack of a “No Fat Chicks” qualifier. I would […]

Well Crap!