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Wonder if this will snatch up any awards…

Since a meaningful percentage of my readership includes award winning sculptors, I thought I would post the documentary on this interesting…piece. Perhaps it will…uh…stimulate your creative juices. Fair warning…this is not quite in the “Rivers and Tides” genre…but it is a natural wall of sorts.   More interesting would be the documentary about how this guy managed […]

New York is now the Scapegoat

I’m calling it now – whatever misfortune besets us: flood, hurricanes, earthquake, etc. will be blamed on gay marriage in New York.  I think the Right is giddy with anticipation of some kind of divine retaliation. They are just itching for something to go wrong so fingers can be pointed… Oh…never mind, they couldn’t wait […]

“Holy Matrimony, Batman, let’s go to New York”

Men in Tights?…Gay In news this week, New York becomes the next progressive state to legitimize homosexual unions.  As I suggested several months ago, this continues a positive trend against entrenched bigotry directed by the religious Right. I would expect some backlash from those who deem certain types of love sinful and corrupt organize their […]

Why are these so easy to find?

It would seem that ignorance is far too abundant.  “Have you ever seen a talking animal?” “No.” “So how do you know it isn’t real?” “Uhhhhh….” And this dude is just creepy.  (Really? Resurrection?)  And how about some really, really bad acting. One might suppose that if one is willing to behave like this for […]

Can I get an Amen?

…uh…kind of. How about Aman? Lesson 1: You should always Google the name you come up with before you start painting. jk

Really low-brow, but fuck it.

I don’t know why this makes me laugh…it’s really absurd and juvenile. I think it has something to do with how well LeBron’s expressions match the fake voice-over…or a general hopeless immaturity.  The poor star-studded Heat couldn’t pull it out this year, but at least Miami didn’t turn the city upside down (it’s not […]

Evil Mobs

When I saw this video, it really bothered me. It seems as though when one abandons individual thought to the whims of the mob, hiding among fellow rioters from individual accountability, insidious behavior arises.  This, of course, is what the typical theologian thinks of when he envisions a society without God – a mob of […]

Happy Father’s Day!


Infinite Regress (again?)

Yesterday we covered the first item of McCabe’s logical sequence. (Infinte regress is incoherent.) For the most part, science doesn’t have anything definitive to say about what ’caused’ the universe, but they do have a pretty reasonable grasp about what generally happened starting a fraction of a second or so after the Big Bang. Most […]

Infinite Regress

In a post last month, I mentioned the thegodcontention debate website in which the apologist position is defended by Timothy McCabe. Interestingly, McCabe responded (quite civilly I might add given the criticism I leveled about his presention of the position that “the the Laws of Logic can only be valid if Christianity is true.”) I […]