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Let us Pray.

“This stinks!” At an event over the weekend involving occasional interludes of prayer, I and another skeptical attendee watched in curiosity as the verbal trigger of the religious spokesperson presiding over the event initiated the collective intercourse with the divine. The trigger was represented by a short text string such as “Heavenly Father…,” “Let us Pray…,” “Oh […]

It’s naive to be surprised.

“It’s brilliant because I could’ve done it.” For nearly a generation, now, “Reality T.V.” has been spreading through the minds of Americans like a bizarre virus. When I was a younger, MTV was actually non-stop music videos. Parents of that generation likely felt much the same about the fascination induced by repeatedly watching the same bizarre […]

Sunday School

RSA Animate Time – “Choice” jk  

Made Out of Meat

“It’s made out of meat.”  Most of the science fiction geeks out there are familiar with Terry Bisson’s classic short story, “They’re Made Out of Meat.” Nominated for a 1991 Nebula Award, the story was in every early Internet sci-fi nook and cranny. I think I stumbled on it the first month I had Internet […]

East Coast Crack and Blow

Drugs, sex and a lack of prayer lead to what? Anyone? That’s right, earthquakes and hurricanes. It must be a sign of the end of times. Let’s check with an expert on these matters… “Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t want to get weird on this…” Hmmmm. Could the crack in America’s phallic symbol (our patriarchal […]

“Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

Mormon marriage therapist G. Steurer has some tremendous advice on how to scare the living crap out your future son-in-law. He urges that no union is safe until a potential husband has come face-to-face with and cast out his inner porn demon. This pornography addiction affects almost every adolescent boy (what with the internet and […]


Google Search: “Girls in Honey.”  Sweet!  Can you believe this shit really happens? This Texas (Texas again?) youth pastor convinces a few of the teen church-girls to join a local version of “Fear Factor” wherein the girls end of drenched in honey. And, hey, who among us isn’t with him so far? But the hidden camera […]

Enough already!

There’s a certain aspect of pure hypocrisy that completely wears me down. When Anders Breivik snapped a month ago in Norway, there was instant posturing on both sides of the belief coin. The Christians immediately disavowed him while atheists kept the “Christian” label stamped clearly on him.  I think there’s a certain amount of reflexive […]

In Texas, we teach creationism AND evolution…

Rick Perry is very, very scary. However, he and Bachman are such fanatics that if the Repubs are stupid enough to nominate either one of them, then you will likely see four more years of Obama (unless the economy tanks again.) They are essentially scooping up the same voter base (700 clubbers); however, Perry will likely […]


Anyone who bought a Kindle or other eBook reader probably realized that this awesome technology offered several tremendous benefits. The list of advantages that appealed to me included the following: eBooks take up less space so you can have more of them. You can carry the equivalent of tons of books everywhere you go reduced […]