In Texas, we teach creationism AND evolution…

Rick Perry is very, very scary.¬†However, he and Bachman are such fanatics that if the Repubs are stupid enough to nominate either one of them, then you will likely see four more years of Obama (unless the economy tanks again.) They are essentially scooping up the same voter base (700 clubbers); however, Perry will likely scrounge up a bit more because there are likely a fair number of fundamentalists who would never vote for a woman. Perry is essentially the same thing as GW Bush – except he’s more savvy, so it’s almost like taking some of the sinister Cheney and fusing it into Bush to make a right wing Dr. Evil. And, hell, why not Bachman as his VP?

In New Hampshire, Perry made the mistake of engaging a kid whose bitchy mom was using him as a puppet.

Actually, Perry agrees with Richard Dawkins who says yeah, go ahead and teach them both – but no special treatment for Creationism – it gets the full skeptical challenge. Kids are smart enough to figure out which one is true. Alas, that’s not exactly what Perry and his ilk are looking for.



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