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Dammit I’m mad!

Did you ever wonder why the word symmetry isn’t a palindrome? (Or for that matter, why isn’t palindrome a palindrome?) Of course, the most intriguing palindromes go well beyond the pattern recognition of a kid who suddenly sees (hey there’s one) that radar is spelled the same both forward and backward. Many of the palindrome’s […]

Reminiscing in the favorites bin.

I almost forgot about this music video: “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go. Rube Goldberg…awesome. The Rube Goldberg machine concept has been toyed with by artists over the years. …Dad, I’m thinking you need to integrate pyrotechnics into your next mobile project. jk  

Lion-Eating Poet in the Stone Den (施氏食狮史)

I stumbled on this and simply love it. This story crafted by Chinese American linguist Chao Yuen Ren, can easily by understood by educated readers of Classical Chinese. Due to the evolution in the pronunciation of Chinese over the past two millennium; however, when spoken in Mandarin, it is a practically incomprehensible string of the Pinyin ‘shi’ in […]

One for the file drawer.

“I knew eventually I’d find some data in support of my theory.” Well known among researchers, but not so well known among the general public is the unintentional filtering of science that the casual observer sees. Since we are largely exposed to scientific findings through the media filters that bolster sensationalism, it should not be surprising […]



Is this published in a peer-reviewed journal?

Why yes…yes it is.  Those who are familiar with the long history of evolution vs creationism debates are quite aware that one of the frequent challenges from scientists, who rarely make a claim without a published, peer-reviewed article in an accredited scientific journal, is that the pseudo-scientific claims of creationists lack this same rigor. Although, […]

First I prayed for a blog idea…

Then I checked my email, and my brother had sent me this! Now tell me He doesn’t listen! Of course, after watching the video, this pretty much captures my reaction… jk

The Life Science Award…uh…Wager?

When a recent commenter referred to the “Life Science Prize” a few days ago, I must admit that I was curious enough about this ‘prize’ (of which I’ve never heard) to at least click the link he so kindly provided. Suspecting something similar to James Randi’s “Million Dollar Challenge” which offers applicants lots of free money […]

Did you feel that?

…I think it was Pat Morita rolling over in his grave. At 1:45 she pretty much insults all those of Asian descent. But on the plus side, she saves us having to buy Malcom Gladwell’s book! Wax Off, Mr. Miyagi…Wax Off. jk

Putting the Ahhh back in ‘Apocalypse’

Thanks to my brother for bringing this to my attention. LA Porn Studio Pink Visual begins construction on a Post-Apocalyptic luxury bunker. All I can say – it’s about time. Pink Visual apparently feels if they can’t come to the rapture – why not bring the rapture to them. The bunker will reportedly hold 1500 people. Occupants […]