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Halloween and your Goddamned Soul

A Christian celebrating Halloween is like…uh… A zombie celebrating Easter? The British skeptic and illusionist Richard Wiseman recently published a book entitled Paranormality, which takes a pretty clear stand that paranormal phenomena simply do not exist. Much like a geologist writing a book about the earth’s geology doesn’t lend credibility to the idea that our planet […]

It all depends on your starting point.

 Uh…God 0, Descartes 1 If you ever visit the Creation Museum in Doucheberg, Kentucky, one of the surprising things you will encounter is that throughout the museum’s displays, the young-earth bible-thumping curators of the museum fully submit to the idea that by using “Man’s Reason” you will end up with a view of the world […]

1% of the people are doing 99% of the bitching.

1% of the girls get 99% of the beads.  The thing about movements such as “Occupy Wall Street” is that the people tend to just bitch about stuff rather than state and defend proposed changes. After watching the news stories for several weeks, I had to actually go out and search for what these folks were bitching […]

Occupy Sesame Street

The best thing about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement?…the parodies! jk

I used to be like you.

“…until I discovered the truth about red.” One of the most common tactics among debaters is the reformed defector. A master debater will frequently take the stand that he (or she) at one time held the perspective of the opposing position but recognized the error of his view and made the appropriate correction. In the […]

Reports of his theism are greatly exaggerated.

One of the oddest phenomenon in theistic debates is the post mortem fabrication of allegiances. There seems to be an inordinate fondness to make the geniuses appear as if they resided firmly on ‘our’ side of the debate and the lunatics appear as if they resided firmly on ‘their’ side. Most familiar, perhaps, is the effort […]

Happy Birthday, Universe!

It is, of course, on this day (October 23) in 4004 BCE on which the universe was created, as calculated by Bishop James Ussher in 1650. Although even many who buy into the infantile young earth paradigm dispute that the calucation can be pinpointed to such precision, allowing for reasonable errors and false assumptions, an […]

My foyer seems vastly bigger now.

View coming down the stairs. Just got our awesome new paintings hung in the foyer. (The tapestry finally comes down!) Sorry, these one-of-a-kind, priceless renditions of various Hubble images are not for sale, but you can commission your own from the artist! View coming in the front door (up & left) Thanks, Dad! jk

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

Another disappointing day for the profit who cried “apocalypse!” In spite of the fact that this long ago ceased being funny and has deteriorated into just plain sad. Though October 21st came and went with much fewer Rapture parties and fanfare, one can still find over a 1000 articles which report Camping’s latest failed prophesy. I’m […]

Happy Birthday, Ken Ham!

Ken Ham turned 60 today. Or to convert that into Young Earth creationist years – he is just over 25 seconds old.  We all know, of course, that in 2007, Ham opened the Creation Museum in Doucheburg, Kentucky which last year saw its 1 millionth visitor, definitively demonstrating (contrary to previous hypotheses) that it is indeed possible to […]