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Enough already!

There’s a certain aspect of pure hypocrisy that completely wears me down. When Anders Breivik snapped a month ago in Norway, there was instant posturing on both sides of the belief coin. The Christians immediately disavowed him while atheists kept the “Christian” label stamped clearly on him.  I think there’s a certain amount of reflexive […]

This pretty much sums up the inanity…

“Repeat after me: My way is the way.” “Your way is the way” “No, no, no…My way is the way.” “My was is the way” “Excellent!” I was perusing a little website called thegodcontention which is simply a collection of questions with answers provided by various theological perspectives. The atheist position is defended by Richard […]

You already know the answer is 42. All you have to do is figure out why.

The good thing about apologetics is that it refuses to write off the faculty of reason as unimportant. Unfortunately, the majority of Christian apologetics seems to consist of contorting the conclusions of a faith-based perspective into a rationalized whole. The gambit fails from the get-go because the exercise is ultimately finding a reasoned path to a pre-conceived […]