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In God We Gush

“Don’t be ridiculous. We mean a ‘secular’ God.” Finally, our lawmakers breach that formidable aisle of the partisan divide and come to an agreement that will make a lasting difference in our country’s struggles. Following a 35 minute debate which ironically was probably more of an overt violation of Matthew 6:5 than a productive political exchange, in a overwhelming […]


“Oh my God, what is that digging into my leg?….Nooooooooo!” In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the apparent increase in the propensity to embrace secular supernatural phenomenon: Ghosts, horoscopes, fortune telling, crystal energy, vortexes, homeopathy, clairvoyance, spiritual channelling, etc. It almost appears as if the migration away from traditional religious beliefs herds susceptible minds into waiting, […]

Halloween and your Goddamned Soul

A Christian celebrating Halloween is like…uh… A zombie celebrating Easter? The British skeptic and illusionist Richard Wiseman recently published a book entitled Paranormality, which takes a pretty clear stand that paranormal phenomena simply do not exist. Much like a geologist writing a book about the earth’s geology doesn’t lend credibility to the idea that our planet […]

It all depends on your starting point.

 Uh…God 0, Descartes 1 If you ever visit the Creation Museum in Doucheberg, Kentucky, one of the surprising things you will encounter is that throughout the museum’s displays, the young-earth bible-thumping curators of the museum fully submit to the idea that by using “Man’s Reason” you will end up with a view of the world […]

I used to be like you.

“…until I discovered the truth about red.” One of the most common tactics among debaters is the reformed defector. A master debater will frequently take the stand that he (or she) at one time held the perspective of the opposing position but recognized the error of his view and made the appropriate correction. In the […]

See? This is why we need a moral authority!

Oh…wait. It wasn’t Spanish atheists who were responsible for stealing 300,000 babies over the past 50 years? Who was it then??? Ah…sadly, I probably could have guessed that. jk

Well you weren’t there, so nya, nya, nya.

If an atomic nucleus emits an alpha particle in the middle of the woods, but no one is there to measure it, does it actually decay? According to proud YEC John Mackay–No. In a brief exchange with Evolutionary Biologist Richard Dawkins, Mackay responds to the converging claims of many scientific branches and disciplines of a […]

Enough already!

There’s a certain aspect of pure hypocrisy that completely wears me down. When Anders Breivik snapped a month ago in Norway, there was instant posturing on both sides of the belief coin. The Christians immediately disavowed him while atheists kept the “Christian” label stamped clearly on him.  I think there’s a certain amount of reflexive […]

Logical Fallacy of the Week – No true Scotsman

“Aiee. MacDuff’s wearing briefs, mate.” “Then he’s no TRUE Scotsman.” The No true Scotsman logical fallacy is perhaps one of the best named of the logical fallacies. It is regularly abused by any group with a member whose actions reflect poorly on the group. Coined by Antony Flew (atheist-turned-deist) this fallacy is explained as follows: […]

Not hated…feared.

This fear and loathing is not for what this group does or for what it believes; it is solely because of what it doesn’t believe. And this thing it doesn’t believe is not something for which the evidence is overwhelming (like the moon landing, an old earth or evolution.) It is something that requires faith […]