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Sky cake.

A great bit from Patton Oswalt Are you thinking, “Yuk, yuk, yuk. But c’mon, it’s not that infantile?” How about now?  Okay. Okay. It’s just a harmless ritual, a device to promote social harmony?  I’m not suggesting that thanking God for Chevy or Ford is inherently problematic am I? Of course not. We have much bigger […]

Wonder if this will snatch up any awards…

Since a meaningful percentage of my readership includes award winning sculptors, I thought I would post the documentary on this interesting…piece. Perhaps it will…uh…stimulate your creative juices. Fair warning…this is not quite in the “Rivers and Tides” genre…but it is a natural wall of sorts.   More interesting would be the documentary about how this guy managed […]

Indiana Democrats finally coordinate their efforts.

Too bad it’s about the most nauseating expression of a failure to govern I’ve ever seen. Apparently, one way for a minority to prevent the passing of an unpopular bill is for them to collectively hide out somewhere out-of-state when it’s time to vote on it. Apparently, a party has to have what is known […]


Big news in the “You’ve got to be kidding me!” world last week was the release of a new app for the iPad and iPhone entitled “Confession: A Roman Catholic App.” The app description reads: Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the perfect aid for every penitent. With a personalized examination […]

One Problem with Lawyers

Welcome to the Training Center! I typically don’t blog about my job (for obvious reasons.) But at work today, I was compelled to spend some time completing a “Treatment of Others” training module (this was required of the entire employee base, not as a punitive action) and it was so shockingly inane that I see no […]

Tide comes in; tide goes out…

I had no idea the tide was such a mystery. Okay, here’s a somewhat uncomfortable debate between Bill O’Reilly and president of the American Atheists, David Silverman. I’m inclined to agree that the “You KNOW they’re all SCAMS” slogan is a pretty bizarre one. It’s ineffective for the same reason its ineffective when global warming […]

Can environmentalism be a religion?

Why….yes it can.   I work with a Chinese guy who is actually bothered by the killing of living pine trees on Christmas for use as vain ornamentation. He acknowledges that these trees are grown for this purpose – that without the industry the very trees getting harvested would likely have never existed. Killing for […]

Interlude – Lunatic of the Week

I don’t really think the Westboro Baptist Church is representative of the devoutly religious. I think Fred and his ilk are even extreme with regard to the zealots.  This guy is as whacked out on God as one can get. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to bring harm to him. Hey. “You should have obeyed!” […]

They execute everything in Texas.

Carrying forward yesterday’s theme of irrational responses to harmless things, we have a group of loons in Amarillo who take offense at the “false idol” of Santa Claus. This is their reaction. (The crossed-out coexist shirts are classic! Pretty much says it all.)   We would plead that the Lord have mercy on your soul, but […]

The perils of D&D

I went through high school in the early 80’s, which put my adolescent years right smack in the middle of the birth of the video arcade. I often wonder how many quarters I pumped into Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Pac Man. There was a video arcade in my small Midwestern hometown called “The Enterprise” that we […]