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In God We Gush

“Don’t be ridiculous. We mean a ‘secular’ God.” Finally, our lawmakers breach that formidable aisle of the partisan divide and come to an agreement that will make a lasting difference in our country’s struggles. Following a 35 minute debate which ironically was probably more of an overt violation of Matthew 6:5 than a productive political exchange, in a overwhelming […]

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

(So that’s what they mean by ‘Saddleback’ ministries…) In trying to decide what to lampoon today, I relived that childhood experience where I stood before a wall of candy at the 7-11 with the instruction from my Dad, “Pick one thing.”  What?? Only one? Do I pick Glen Rice’s Alaskan Shoot-out highlights across Sarah Palin’s youthful posterior where […]

It’s naive to be surprised.

“It’s brilliant because I could’ve done it.” For nearly a generation, now, “Reality T.V.” has been spreading through the minds of Americans like a bizarre virus. When I was a younger, MTV was actually non-stop music videos. Parents of that generation likely felt much the same about the fascination induced by repeatedly watching the same bizarre […]

In Texas, we teach creationism AND evolution…

Rick Perry is very, very scary. However, he and Bachman are such fanatics that if the Repubs are stupid enough to nominate either one of them, then you will likely see four more years of Obama (unless the economy tanks again.) They are essentially scooping up the same voter base (700 clubbers); however, Perry will likely […]

Here’s another thing to worry about when you die.

You better vote wisely. It looks like you may burn in hell if you voted for the black guy last time. Bummer! Maybe, though, it’s not too late to make amends on this pass. Hey, what do you get when you cross Mr. Rogers with a creepy religious pedaphile?  That guy! Accordingly, among the way you […]