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“History is literally His story.”

That was quote I heard on a Christian radio show discussing the historical perfection of the bible and how it contains no contradictions or historical inaccuracies as it is the perfect written word of God. Over the holidays, a heretic friend of mine started some trouble by highlighting our uncertainty of the actual birthday of […]

“Merry Christmas”

‘Tis the season to rejoice humanity’s well-being As people pause from busy lives and shelve their disagreeing, Absorbing festive music, drink, the food, and fine decor But checking all self-righteousness with egos at the door And gather not to please a power promising reward Or dodge a penalty that comes to those who aren’t on […]

Where there are witches, there’s evil!

Several days ago, a story reported that in Canada, the Salvation Army was refusing to distribute Harry Potter and Twilight toys that had been collected because toys of this nature are incompatible with the charity’s religious beliefs. The reports quickly went viral; however, it immediately seemed a bit fishy to me because Harry Potter has been around […]

Tis the season to do battle…

More than likely, the urge to respond to the atheist campaign suggesting that religious stories permeating the holiday season are really no more reality-based than the secular stories surrounding it was simply too much for religious groups to take lying down. In response to the atheist sponsored billboard indicating the nativity story is mythology, the Catholic League  responded […]