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Maybe a rain dance instead?

It should be obvious by now, that this is just as often reversed where the Right is screaming “Global Warming’s a Hoax” on the left and the bit about a weather event on the right. Texas has been in the grip of sizzling drought (some now say the worst in recorded history) for over half a […]

Nicely done, Hawaii!

But you’ve pissed off the Volcano Goddess. Better toss in a virgin or two. Remember the story of poor Mitch Kahle (which generated much discussion on this blog) who had the audacity to object to the prayer ritual kicking off the Hawaii State Senate? Poor Mitch was roughed up and dragged away in handcuffs! Well, […]

What are you – a socialist?

It has been recently suggested that if government fails to give preference to a particular religion (oh, say the religion of the majority for example) then we have no objective basis for morals (and to add insult to injury, we strip the ultimate creator of the universe of his glory.) This suggestion leads me to believe that […]

Lord, provide the strength to assail heathens.

When I wrote last time about the act of demolishing barriers, this is not exactly the behavior I had in mind.   A major part of the problem, of course, is that from the perspective of those currently in power (i.e. Christian — evident by the fact that these prayers are still a part of the […]