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It’s not bullying if it’s in the Bible.

  I’m not a huge fan of anti-bullying laws. It’s not reflective on my opinion on bullying, of course, but rather my opinion on laws and policies which seem to embrace the notion that the only course to justice and fairness is through a set of rigid rules and guidelines that can be uniformly applied […]

In God We Gush

“Don’t be ridiculous. We mean a ‘secular’ God.” Finally, our lawmakers breach that formidable aisle of the partisan divide and come to an agreement that will make a lasting difference in our country’s struggles. Following a 35 minute debate which ironically was probably more of an overt violation of Matthew 6:5 than a productive political exchange, in a overwhelming […]

So you’ve decided to be gay…now what?

Among the most puzzling discussions dominating the contemporary political arena is the discussion around to the extent to which sexual orientation is a choice. Almost anyone who contemplates, even for a moment, one’s own sexual perspective understands very clearly that there is something quite beyond choice with regard to what stimulates that aspect of one’s being. In […]

For the Bible Tells Me So…

If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend this documentary (available for streaming through NetFlix.) It is an examination of the contemporary cultural struggle between traditional religious belief and homosexuality. Understand going in that it is very much an accommodationist perspective that categorizes the scriptural passages against homosexuality with those passages that endorse enslavement and the […]

Family Values and the Marriage Pledge

Now our Butterfly can live free safely! When I listen to Republicans tout the importance of American freedom and how our role in the wars in Middle Eastern countries in the war on “Terrah” (the price for which has been human life, unfathomable debt, and a great deal of that very freedom they pretend to […]

New York is now the Scapegoat

I’m calling it now – whatever misfortune besets us: flood, hurricanes, earthquake, etc. will be blamed on gay marriage in New York.  I think the Right is giddy with anticipation of some kind of divine retaliation. They are just itching for something to go wrong so fingers can be pointed… Oh…never mind, they couldn’t wait […]

“Holy Matrimony, Batman, let’s go to New York”

Men in Tights?…Gay In news this week, New York becomes the next progressive state to legitimize homosexual unions.  As I suggested several months ago, this continues a positive trend against entrenched bigotry directed by the religious Right. I would expect some backlash from those who deem certain types of love sinful and corrupt organize their […]

It’s a sacred institution.

Click for a bigger image. Reminds me of that old classic Betty Bowers… Yeah…maybe we shouldn’t leave up to the Bible. But you know the weird thing about Betty Bowers? Although a parody, she has an eerie real-life incarnation…who is running for president! Although Michele Bachman probably isn’t quite as entertaining as Trump would have been, […]


Secrecy (Netflix streamable) is another fascinating documentary on a controversial issue. It takes a close look at State Secrets Privilege and how it has been used and abused. I highly recommend this one as it is a balanced investigation into a topic which demonstrates that although secrecy is important, unchecked it becomes a mechanism for […]

It gets better…but no thanks to religious bigots

In 2010, Dan Savage, a journalist and gay activist lauched the It Gets Better Project in response to a string of teen suicides in which gay teens were harrassed by God-fearing classmates beyond a threshold at which those individuals thought life could reasonably bring them joy. The videos aimed to extract those struggling teens from […]