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Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

How do you distinguish a hoard of zombies from a mob of media-fed humans? The zombies are the ones who appear to have an interest in brains. Obama-Care: Zombie Outbreak = Not covered  Yes, I’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth another sweep. Although modern technology (internet, cell phones, interactive media) empowers us with the ability to communicate without […]

Maybe a rain dance instead?

It should be obvious by now, that this is just as often reversed where the Right is screaming “Global Warming’s a Hoax” on the left and the bit about a weather event on the right. Texas has been in the grip of sizzling drought (some now say the worst in recorded history) for over half a […]

That’s some high quality H2O.

Another cool Melanie Weidner work of art entitled “At Home.” You can buy her art here. When we take a look at the greenhouse gasses, it might strike us a little odd about the concern over doubling the amount of a trace molecule in the atmosphere. We constantly hear about it’s relative impotency as a […]

Too hot…too cold…just right!

Venus (from the Magellan) In addition to Earth, Venus and Mars provide two interesting examples which scientists have studied to understand some of the relationships between the sun, atmospheres (or lack thereof), and planet temperatures. Now, using basic calculations (of the variety you might find on a college physics exam) one can calculate the expected temperature on […]

Do your part – no deep breaths.

Cool picture, Melanie, but ease up on the CO2 generation. You can buy this print and other nice ones here. There is a strange absurdity in the idea that we can cause too much trouble with the environment by adding a molecule that we add with every breath we take. We know how it works – […]

Back to the Greenhouse

Human body temperatures are maintained at much higher temps than non-living objects; however, everything warmed by the sun emits infrared radiation. Images like this are filtered to represent higher temperatures at the red end of the visible spectrum. Okay, it’s been a while since we’ve discussed climate science, but I’ve been continuing my investigations in […]

Death by icephyxiation.

Often overlooked in the global warming debate is the problem of ice farts. According to climate science, methane is a very potent greenhouse gas, much more so than CO2 which exists in a higher concentration. This, of course, has led to many amusing discussions about the role of large scale farming in climate change. Some […]

Science Under Attack

I highly recommend this production by Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Prize winner and president of the Royal Society.  It’s largely about why science fails in maintaining the public trust and how this leads to unwarranted skepticism. It’s about an hour long, but worth the time. jk

Another data point…I’m just sayin’…

The NOAA has released its State of the Climate Annual report for 2010. It would appear that 2010 has tied 2005 as the warmest year on record. Perusing the report, which is a little dry for my taste, it just seems like a pretty straightforward report. Of course, it does seem to focus on the […]

The Science Advisor who cried “Wolf!”

John P. Holdren is Barak Obama’s Advisor for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology. To say that Holdren is a global warming advocate is like saying “Jaws” was about a shark. He is a full-fledged alarmist […]