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Infinite Regress (again?)

Yesterday we covered the first item of McCabe’s logical sequence. (Infinte regress is incoherent.) For the most part, science doesn’t have anything definitive to say about what ’caused’ the universe, but they do have a pretty reasonable grasp about what generally happened starting a fraction of a second or so after the Big Bang. Most […]

Infinite Regress

In a post last month, I mentioned the thegodcontention debate website in which the apologist position is defended by Timothy McCabe. Interestingly, McCabe responded (quite civilly I might add given the criticism I leveled about his presention of the position that “the the Laws of Logic can only be valid if Christianity is true.”) I […]

This pretty much sums up the inanity…

“Repeat after me: My way is the way.” “Your way is the way” “No, no, no…My way is the way.” “My was is the way” “Excellent!” I was perusing a little website called thegodcontention which is simply a collection of questions with answers provided by various theological perspectives. The atheist position is defended by Richard […]