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Veganasaurus Rex

Is it now? Is it really? Hmmm…would have never made the connection. Perhaps the most ridiculous misinformation (though it’s hard to pick a winner) presented by the Creation Museum in Doucheberg, Kentucky relates to the history of the dinosaurs. The museum itself is filled with with model and animatronic dinosaurs (including a nice little exhibit […]

It all depends on your starting point.

¬†Uh…God 0, Descartes 1 If you ever visit the Creation Museum in Doucheberg, Kentucky, one of the surprising things you will encounter is that throughout the museum’s displays, the young-earth bible-thumping curators of the museum fully submit to the idea that by using “Man’s Reason” you will end up with a view of the world […]

Happy Birthday, Universe!

It is, of course, on this day (October 23) in 4004 BCE on which the universe was created, as calculated by Bishop James Ussher in 1650. Although even many who buy into the infantile young earth paradigm dispute that the calucation can be pinpointed to such precision, allowing for reasonable errors and false assumptions, an […]