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Forget corn; forget wind; energy’s future is with the sun…DOH!

“…And the best part, it pays for itself…Oh screw it. Let’s raise taxes!” As my father and brothers like to emphasize, the problem with the Democrats’ climate change boner is less with the arguments of hard core science than with what politicians do once armed with their self-serving distortions of it. Of course, I’m referring to the […]

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

(So that’s what they mean by ‘Saddleback’ ministries…) In trying to decide what to lampoon today, I relived that childhood experience where I stood before a wall of candy at the 7-11 with the instruction from my Dad, “Pick one thing.”  What?? Only one? Do I pick Glen Rice’s Alaskan Shoot-out highlights across Sarah Palin’s youthful posterior where […]

It’s naive to be surprised.

“It’s brilliant because I could’ve done it.” For nearly a generation, now, “Reality T.V.” has been spreading through the minds of Americans like a bizarre virus. When I was a younger, MTV was actually non-stop music videos. Parents of that generation likely felt much the same about the fascination induced by repeatedly watching the same bizarre […]

In Texas, we teach creationism AND evolution…

Rick Perry is very, very scary. However, he and Bachman are such fanatics that if the Repubs are stupid enough to nominate either one of them, then you will likely see four more years of Obama (unless the economy tanks again.) They are essentially scooping up the same voter base (700 clubbers); however, Perry will likely […]

It’s not Love unless someone Supernatural Says So.

Kids will be kids…unless we stone them to death. A disturbing news story came across the wire the other day. Here’s the gist of it: It was the beginning of an Afghan love story that flouted dominant traditions of arranged marriages and close family scrutiny, a romance between two teenagers of different ethnicity that tested […]

Not hated…feared.

This fear and loathing is not for what this group does or for what it believes; it is solely because of what it doesn’t believe. And this thing it doesn’t believe is not something for which the evidence is overwhelming (like the moon landing, an old earth or evolution.) It is something that requires faith […]

Bristol Palin, the $30,000/hr victim?

It always kind of sucks when kids pay the price for the publicity received by their parents. But as the famous adage goes: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” Bristol’s trouble began with a youthful indiscretion that left her as the pregnant teen-aged daughter of a vice presidential candidate who was riding the […]

Really, Benedict? Really?

With the rash of pedophilia cases that seemed to escort Pope Benedict into power a few years ago, when the pope announced he was taking the name ‘Benedict XVI’ I immediately thought of that memorable punch line: “Father Benedict!” “No I think I broke it!” The latest news, of course, involves Father Riccardo Seppia, who […]

Indiana Democrats finally coordinate their efforts.

Too bad it’s about the most nauseating expression of a failure to govern I’ve ever seen. Apparently, one way for a minority to prevent the passing of an unpopular bill is for them to collectively hide out somewhere out-of-state when it’s time to vote on it. Apparently, a party has to have what is known […]

Change you can believe in…