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I used to be like you.

“…until I discovered the truth about red.” One of the most common tactics among debaters is the reformed defector. A master debater will frequently take the stand that he (or she) at one time held the perspective of the opposing position but recognized the error of his view and made the appropriate correction. In the […]

Reports of his theism are greatly exaggerated.

One of the oddest phenomenon in theistic debates is the post mortem fabrication of allegiances. There seems to be an inordinate fondness to make the geniuses appear as if they resided firmly on ‘our’ side of the debate and the lunatics appear as if they resided firmly on ‘their’ side. Most familiar, perhaps, is the effort […]


I occassionally run through a subdivision several miles from my home that has a house that has been empty for at least four years. It is not run down and to the best of my knowledge, no heinous crimes were committed there. Occassionally the “For Sale” sign changes realtors, but the house remains vacant. The home’s […]

Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

How do you distinguish a hoard of zombies from a mob of media-fed humans? The zombies are the ones who appear to have an interest in brains. Obama-Care: Zombie Outbreak = Not covered  Yes, I’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth another sweep. Although modern technology (internet, cell phones, interactive media) empowers us with the ability to communicate without […]

The Life Science Award…uh…Wager?

When a recent commenter referred to the “Life Science Prize” a few days ago, I must admit that I was curious enough about this ‘prize’ (of which I’ve never heard) to at least click the link he so kindly provided. Suspecting something similar to James Randi’s “Million Dollar Challenge” which offers applicants lots of free money […]

Love in an Elevator

A Case Study in Gender Bias (Sorry, gotta watch a commercial…but the clip fits nicely with the discussion.) Tags: GameTrailers.com, Smokey855 – Family Guy – Pick Me Up, PC Games, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 In the skeptic community several weeks ago, a very strange controversy erupted in response to a YouTube video that was posted […]

This pretty much sums up the inanity…

“Repeat after me: My way is the way.” “Your way is the way” “No, no, no…My way is the way.” “My was is the way” “Excellent!” I was perusing a little website called thegodcontention which is simply a collection of questions with answers provided by various theological perspectives. The atheist position is defended by Richard […]

Unsolved Mysteries: The Huxley Files

When a reader recently used the following quote (attributed to English evolutionary biologist Sir Julian Huxley) [I suppose the reason] we all jumped at the Origin of Species was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores. it immediately caught my attention. The answer was supposedly given in response to a question about why […]

It’s large. No, it’s orange.

Speaking of people communicating on completely different wavelengths… Check out this Richard Dawkins interview on Revelation T.V.  I’m thinking they might as well be speaking in completely different languages.  The part of the discussion that highlights it the biggest is when they stumble onto a discussion of Abraham and God’s demand that he sacrifice […]

The Science Advisor who cried “Wolf!”

John P. Holdren is Barak Obama’s Advisor for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology. To say that Holdren is a global warming advocate is like saying “Jaws” was about a shark. He is a full-fledged alarmist […]