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It’s not bullying if it’s in the Bible.

  I’m not a huge fan of anti-bullying laws. It’s not reflective on my opinion on bullying, of course, but rather my opinion on laws and policies which seem to embrace the notion that the only course to justice and fairness is through a set of rigid rules and guidelines that can be uniformly applied […]

In God We Gush

“Don’t be ridiculous. We mean a ‘secular’ God.” Finally, our lawmakers breach that formidable aisle of the partisan divide and come to an agreement that will make a lasting difference in our country’s struggles. Following a 35 minute debate which ironically was probably more of an overt violation of Matthew 6:5 than a productive political exchange, in a overwhelming […]

Happy Birthday, Ken Ham!

Ken Ham turned 60 today. Or to convert that into Young Earth creationist years – he is just over 25 seconds old.  We all know, of course, that in 2007, Ham opened the Creation Museum in Doucheburg, Kentucky which last year saw its 1 millionth visitor, definitively demonstrating (contrary to previous hypotheses) that it is indeed possible to […]

Forget corn; forget wind; energy’s future is with the sun…DOH!

“…And the best part, it pays for itself…Oh screw it. Let’s raise taxes!” As my father and brothers like to emphasize, the problem with the Democrats’ climate change boner is less with the arguments of hard core science than with what politicians do once armed with their self-serving distortions of it. Of course, I’m referring to the […]

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

(So that’s what they mean by ‘Saddleback’ ministries…) In trying to decide what to lampoon today, I relived that childhood experience where I stood before a wall of candy at the 7-11 with the instruction from my Dad, “Pick one thing.”  What?? Only one? Do I pick Glen Rice’s Alaskan Shoot-out highlights across Sarah Palin’s youthful posterior where […]

It’s naive to be surprised.

“It’s brilliant because I could’ve done it.” For nearly a generation, now, “Reality T.V.” has been spreading through the minds of Americans like a bizarre virus. When I was a younger, MTV was actually non-stop music videos. Parents of that generation likely felt much the same about the fascination induced by repeatedly watching the same bizarre […]

“Have you ever seen a grown man naked?”

Mormon marriage therapist G. Steurer has some tremendous advice on how to scare the living crap out your future son-in-law. He urges that no union is safe until a potential husband has come face-to-face with and cast out his inner porn demon. This pornography addiction affects almost every adolescent boy (what with the internet and […]


Google Search: “Girls in Honey.”  Sweet!  Can you believe this shit really happens? This Texas (Texas again?) youth pastor convinces a few of the teen church-girls to join a local version of “Fear Factor” wherein the girls end of drenched in honey. And, hey, who among us isn’t with him so far? But the hidden camera […]