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One for the file drawer.

“I knew eventually I’d find some data in support of my theory.” Well known among researchers, but not so well known among the general public is the unintentional filtering of science that the casual observer sees. Since we are largely exposed to scientific findings through the media filters that bolster sensationalism, it should not be surprising […]

Ruh Roh

When I was a kid (so very long ago) my favorite cartoon, hands-down, was Scooby-Doo. Back in those days, not an episode ended where the haunting wasn’t debunked. And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids! The saddest moment of the Scooby-Doo franchise was the introduction of the […]

Why call it “Falling” in Love?

Probably one of the most fascinating parallels with this pattern of decline and fall we’ve been discussing is the life cycle of romantic love. In the Western world, the spark of passion is the cornerstone of sexual pairing, and generally speaking we honor an individual’s right to set his or her own course in these […]

Snakes are to Blame

                                 Raj of Your Beauty Dear jade-breasted serpent, please swallow this gloom My slithering spirit has sloughed in decline; This withering essence subsists its design You wrest it from sadness in fangs of youth’s bloom. You shed silken charm, slipped on lace–Better still Scant denim stretched tight, slid round supple, slim curves. Sweet venom […]

The Wood of Life

Once you know enough to judge What’s good from what is evil, Courting God’s eternal grudge Thus triggering upheaval, Suffer, toil all your days Then perish, burn or fade to dust, For that’s the price that knowing pays To keep the laws of Eden just. Farewell to immortality As all who follow bear the blame, Kept exiled […]

Innocence and Ignorance were Heaven-sent

Our innocence was wrapped in loving ignorance, A blinding rapture on a platter, heaven-sent, Relaxed, unclothed, in steep repose – what arrogance Would trade to know how truths arose our gods dispensed? We plundered wonder. falling for the snakes pretense. (What killed, though, was the antidote…in Eve’s defense.)          – Jon Krutulis (c) 2010 It is […]

Clashing Biblical Cymbalism

  Blogging mode can be a bit frustrating at times because it’s like constantly turning in your first draft. I thought of several changes and additions to yesterday’s posting; however, I resisted the temptation to go back and spend time revising.  Instead of getting too bogged down with the blatant imperfections of raw thoughts pouring […]

Is Eden more a Metaphor?

Is Eden more a metaphor or are its treasures plain? Is knowledge born of apples or an issue of the brain?                             – Jon Krutulis (c) 2010 Humans are story-tellers. Before the development of written language systems, a very sophisticated oral tradition was utilized to pass information on from place to place and generation to generation. […]

The Ethics of Eden

One-time believers who have lost their faith frequently cite the dilemmas presented by the Judeo-Christian creation story as pivotal in encouraging a closer examination of the philosophical pillars of their religious beliefs. This examination ultimately led to the abandonment of their faith. Many believers choose to deal with the paradoxes and injustices that seem inherent […]

Bias con Dios

The enterprise of science revolves around a methodology intended to extract or minimize human prejudices in the quest to expand our knowledge of the natural world. Sir Francis Bacon once said It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human understanding to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by negatives. which turns […]