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Logical Fallacy of the Week – No true Scotsman

“Aiee. MacDuff’s wearing briefs, mate.” “Then he’s no TRUE Scotsman.” The No true Scotsman logical fallacy is perhaps one of the best named of the logical fallacies. It is regularly abused by any group with a member whose actions reflect poorly on the group. Coined by Antony Flew (atheist-turned-deist) this fallacy is explained as follows: […]

The Huxley Files – Part 2

“I’m not following this bit about Noah, Ham, and Canaan.” I’ve shown that what appears to be evidentially probable on the surface can quickly become evidentially improbable once we trace back the citations like progeny to an initial mutation of the truth. This alteration is such an appealing meme that it spreads like wildfire across […]

You already know the answer is 42. All you have to do is figure out why.

The good thing about apologetics is that it refuses to write off the faculty of reason as unimportant. Unfortunately, the majority of Christian apologetics seems to consist of contorting the conclusions of a faith-based perspective into a rationalized whole. The gambit fails from the get-go because the exercise is ultimately finding a reasoned path to a pre-conceived […]

In hindsight, perhaps I should have cried “Wolf!”

One of the biggest conflicts you will find in cinema, literature, and life is that which one faces when he or she perceives some kind of danger and must make the choice of issuing a warning and taking action against waiting for more information to come in and better understand the probability of the risk. It […]

Fallacy of the week – Ignoratio Elenchi

Sometimes known as the ‘Red Herring’, Ignoratio Elenchi is known as the irrelevant thesis and is an informal fallacy wherein the argument presented does not address the issue in question. This is probably the most common fallacy abused in debates (especially political debates.) An example of this argument is as follows: Look at the beautiful autumn […]