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See? This is why we need a moral authority!

Oh…wait. It wasn’t Spanish atheists who were responsible for stealing 300,000 babies over the past 50 years? Who was it then??? Ah…sadly, I probably could have guessed that. jk

The Atheist Dictator Problem

One of the most common arguments by the promoters of keeping religion as a part of government against those promoting a purely secular government is the atheist dictator problem. Also known as the Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, problem. There is no shortage of non-religious dictators throughout history who have wreaked havoc on the world by […]

Draw Muhammad and draw fire.

Remember the Danish newspaper that published the cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad back in 2005? Today, a terrorist plot was foiled that had half a dozen Islamic crazies planning to burst into the Copenhagen building with automatic weapons and kill as many people as possible. Remember, this is for a 5-year-old incident that is laughable in substance. […]

Christianity immoral? Really? C’mon!

Some things you have to take on faith no matter how unlikely they seem. The title at the top of yesterday’s video was “Christianity is an Immoral System.” Do I think that’s getting a bit carried away? Perhaps. After all, Christianity is concerned with being good, helping your fellow man, loving (even your enemies) etc.  Christopher […]

Who’s to say if ritual blinding is ‘wrong?’

Sam Harris has been promoting his new book called The Moral Landscape since his talk at the TED conference earlier this year. The book was finally released earlier this week. I’m just getting started, but right off the bat, Sam launches into some pretty heavy discussion about the human moral condition and science’s prospective role in evaluating […]

There’s no kissing in the war of Good vs. Evil

“Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful eyes?” Okay – maybe yesterday’s image of the savior making out with the devil was a little much for some – but I’m going to use the familiar – “it’s symbolic, not literal” excuse – symbolic, perhaps, of those religious figureheads such as mega-church mogul Ted Haggard, […]