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Occupy Sesame Street

The best thing about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement?…the parodies! jk

So you’ve decided to be Gay…Part 2

In a big way… “Brokeback Flizbins” jk


You know, I try not to get too carried away here. But when you promote the replacement of Halloween with JesusWeen, you are asking for it. So it’s “You can be good without God” that’s offensive?  And, guess what? JesusWeen has its own website. Christians can use the occasion to evangelize! Oh boy! FYI – when searching […]

Choose your own adventure – An exercise in Free Will

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? My brother-in-law was a huge fan of these when he was a kid. The premise was that instead of reading it like an ordinary book, one determined the book’s plot by making the storyline’s pivotal decisions which may lead to the happy ending or horrible demise of the […]

First I prayed for a blog idea…

Then I checked my email, and my brother had sent me this! Now tell me He doesn’t listen! Of course, after watching the video, this pretty much captures my reaction… jk

Did you feel that?

…I think it was Pat Morita rolling over in his grave. At 1:45 she pretty much insults all those of Asian descent. But on the plus side, she saves us having to buy Malcom Gladwell’s book! Wax Off, Mr. Miyagi…Wax Off. jk

Putting the Ahhh back in ‘Apocalypse’

Thanks to my brother for bringing this to my attention. LA Porn Studio Pink Visual begins construction on a Post-Apocalyptic luxury bunker. All I can say – it’s about time. Pink Visual apparently feels if they can’t come to the rapture – why not bring the rapture to them. The bunker will reportedly hold 1500 people. Occupants […]

Evolution for Fundies.

A new book by Daniel Loxton is drawing critical acclaim and multiple prize nominations. Yet when he tried to find publisher support in the United States, it was considered “so outrageous, so outlandish, so controversial no American publisher dared touch it.” The problem, of course, was not that American publishers shy away from controversy; after […]

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

(So that’s what they mean by ‘Saddleback’ ministries…) In trying to decide what to lampoon today, I relived that childhood experience where I stood before a wall of candy at the 7-11 with the instruction from my Dad, “Pick one thing.”  What?? Only one? Do I pick Glen Rice’s Alaskan Shoot-out highlights across Sarah Palin’s youthful posterior where […]

East Coast Crack and Blow

Drugs, sex and a lack of prayer lead to what? Anyone? That’s right, earthquakes and hurricanes. It must be a sign of the end of times. Let’s check with an expert on these matters… “Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t want to get weird on this…” Hmmmm. Could the crack in America’s phallic symbol (our patriarchal […]