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Dear John,

I made the mistake of taking a look at the TryThought web stats which seemed to peak during my countdown to Armageddon in April of this year. Since then, readership has dropped off and flat-lined. I blame you, the deadbeat readers who are pretty much benefiting from free entertainment but have failed miserably in spreading […]

Who the fuck moved my cheese?

 “Buddha, who moved my cheese?” “What is cheese but part of the (w)hole?” In another Journal flashback (from January 2000), here was my reaction to the book my brother’s employer bought for him, pop psychologist Spencer Johnson’s Who Moved My Cheese? When we visited my brother’s family in Maryland last Thanksgiving, he showed me a […]

Flashback – 1999

Many moons ago, long before the bizarre mental exhibitionism of blogs, I used to keep a journal which I fairly regularly updated. Among these pages are words no one (besides me) have ever read. More than likely, if I died, along with all those thoughts in my head that are fantastic enough to keep me […]

Hey! My Church has Fear and Euphoria too!

Welcome to My Cathedral! My brief hiatus is a result of an annual hiking trip I take with my brother. This year’s destination was Glacier National Park in Montana (and a fine choice it turned out to be.) Everything lined up just right for us as the rain was literally clearing out when I arrived at […]

Back from Cabo San Lucas

Rachel on Divorce Beach on the Pacific Ocean. So named for the dangerous currents – 2 go out; 1 comes back. Well, I’m sorry to say, I’m back from spring break. The only bad part about Cabo was telephone and internet. Internet access was $8.00/day with bandwidth somewhat slower than a 3G connection. We had […]

Happy Darwin Day!

Happy Darwin Day, everyone! Banana daiquiris for all!  How about a world-famous Mountain Top banana daiquiri? We’ve actually enjoyed a world famous Mountain Top Banana Daiquiri in St. Thomas when we visited the Virgin Islands a few years back. St. Thomas in 2007. (Mmmmm. Banana and rum.) jk

Now that’s invisible power.

Harnessing wind energy is very cool. Heading up I65 on our way to southwest Michigan wine country the other day, we experienced the impressive Meadow Lake Wind Farm that sprawls out across White, Jasper, and Benton counties. It is planned in six stages with three stages completed.  Slated to be one of the largest wind farms in the world, it […]

Bats in my Belfry

We did a bit of attic exploring yesterday to retrieve Rachel’s old daybed when we discovered a freeloading tenant, a cute little brown bat who was hanging out just inside the gable louver above the garage. Of course, my reaction instantly changed from “how are we gonna get that daybed with a bat in here?” […]


Kind of quiet out there… Due to the road construction on my way home from work, I’m pretty consistently taking the back route home which channels me through the endless fields of corn. With the unbearable humidity interspersed with scattered thundershowers, the insect population is off the charts. My drive is to the demise of enough […]

Seafood Night!

One of the best features of being so close to the ocean – the food! We’ve got crab cakes (and these are 100% crab not 20% crab and bread crumbs), clams, tuna, swordfish, mahi-mahi, and wahoo. Not shown are the steamed shrimp and crab soup. Washed it all down with a Riesling!  The clams were really […]