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Halloween and your Goddamned Soul

A Christian celebrating Halloween is like…uh… A zombie celebrating Easter? The British skeptic and illusionist Richard Wiseman recently published a book entitled Paranormality, which takes a pretty clear stand that paranormal phenomena simply do not exist. Much like a geologist writing a book about the earth’s geology doesn’t lend credibility to the idea that our planet […]

Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

How do you distinguish a hoard of zombies from a mob of media-fed humans? The zombies are the ones who appear to have an interest in brains. Obama-Care: Zombie Outbreak = Not covered  Yes, I’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth another sweep. Although modern technology (internet, cell phones, interactive media) empowers us with the ability to communicate without […]

Free Market Propaganda

In World War II the Allies broke numerous enemy codes and were faced with the dilemma about how to use the information. If they overtly responded to it and revealed their advantage, then the enemy would realize their codes had been broken and either devise new codes or begin disseminating misinformation. On the other hand, […]