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The stock market, 9/11, space shuttle disaster, and Penn State.

Hindsight bias, or the tendency to subjectively distort the past with the lens of present knowledge, has a constant effect on human cognition, particular with regard to aspects of moral judgment. Symptoms of the hindsight bias are tell-tale emotive disbelief that rings of “How could they have let this happen? This could have been prevented so easily.” […]

It’s not bullying if it’s in the Bible.

  I’m not a huge fan of anti-bullying laws. It’s not reflective on my opinion on bullying, of course, but rather my opinion on laws and policies which seem to embrace the notion that the only course to justice and fairness is through a set of rigid rules and guidelines that can be uniformly applied […]

See? This is why we need a moral authority!

Oh…wait. It wasn’t Spanish atheists who were responsible for stealing 300,000 babies over the past 50 years? Who was it then??? Ah…sadly, I probably could have guessed that. jk

Evil Mobs

When I saw this video, it really bothered me. It seems as though when one abandons individual thought to the whims of the mob, hiding among fellow rioters from individual accountability, insidious behavior arises.  This, of course, is what the typical theologian thinks of when he envisions a society without God – a mob of […]

The Atheist Dictator Problem

One of the most common arguments by the promoters of keeping religion as a part of government against those promoting a purely secular government is the atheist dictator problem. Also known as the Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, problem. There is no shortage of non-religious dictators throughout history who have wreaked havoc on the world by […]

Drunken Noah Redux

We shall now return to the story of drunken Noah as the response to that article received some very unexpected information. But first, let’s recall the moral dilemma posed by Genesis 9:20-29. Here, Noah as one of his first post-flood acts plants a vineyard, which many Biblical readers immediately identify as problematic. Uh-oh…alcohol. But we are […]

The awkward impasse

Try as both sides may to pretend otherwise, there is a huge chasm between those who believe in Christian salvation and those who don’t. Those with vastly different political views can vehemently disagree about important philosophical issues, but their contention is a matter of ideas. One may be right and one wrong, but the consequence […]


Big news in the “You’ve got to be kidding me!” world last week was the release of a new app for the iPad and iPhone entitled “Confession: A Roman Catholic App.” The app description reads: Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the perfect aid for every penitent. With a personalized examination […]

In hindsight, perhaps I should have cried “Wolf!”

One of the biggest conflicts you will find in cinema, literature, and life is that which one faces when he or she perceives some kind of danger and must make the choice of issuing a warning and taking action against waiting for more information to come in and better understand the probability of the risk. It […]

Christianity immoral? Really? C’mon!

Some things you have to take on faith no matter how unlikely they seem. The title at the top of yesterday’s video was “Christianity is an Immoral System.” Do I think that’s getting a bit carried away? Perhaps. After all, Christianity is concerned with being good, helping your fellow man, loving (even your enemies) etc.  Christopher […]