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1% of the people are doing 99% of the bitching.

1% of the girls get 99% of the beads.  The thing about movements such as “Occupy Wall Street” is that the people tend to just bitch about stuff rather than state and defend proposed changes. After watching the news stories for several weeks, I had to actually go out and search for what these folks were bitching […]


Anyone who bought a Kindle or other eBook reader probably realized that this awesome technology offered several tremendous benefits. The list of advantages that appealed to me included the following: eBooks take up less space so you can have more of them. You can carry the equivalent of tons of books everywhere you go reduced […]

Texass governor calls for more prayer

Texass Governor Rick Perry isn’t totally unrealistic. He knows you can’t undo an angry god’s drought which was brought on by a year’s worth of sinning with a single prayer event. This land is screwed up pretty bad. It takes many cycles of prayer. Everyone knows the source code: int God_Type = CONST_Yahweh; If (Drought) […]

Who are you?

Many of you who regularly read this blog might often ask yourselves: “Why does he even bother with this stuff?” It seems readily apparent that most are quite unmovable in their faith perspectives. Admittedly, this goes for non-believing minds as well believing ones. So, if rational arguments really in essence are rationalized arguments, and at […]

And on the third day, his internet returned

I’m pretty certain that the incredibly poor service provided by Comcast (the technician was great – a friendly and pleasant individual who described the problem and efficiently fixed it), but the process to get the technician to the house was likely a good empirical study of what the absence of good old capitalist competition does […]

Foxhole Atheists?

Because of a letter to the editor about atheists in foxholes, Mitch Kahle was lampooned by cartoonist Corky Trinidad (above left.) He responded by cleverly modifying the prayer. A popular slogan among theists goes “There are no atheists in foxholes.” It is meant to suggest that during times of stress or imminent demise all people will hope for either […]

A rolling apple gathers no mosque

If you build it, they will come… Boy, that pesky Freedom of Religion! The uproar around the Ground Zero mosque has been…interesting. First of all, I was surprised to find it’s not actually a mosque, but a Islamic Center. Many would say its just semantics, but I hadn’t really heard it referred to as anything other […]

The End is Near…now…no…now…no…Now!…uh…

  One of the funniest things to watch on YouTube are the doomsday prophesies. It’s comical how many world ending events are impending. When the ground near Yellowstone, a known megavolcano, began rumbling several years ago, the apocalyptic prophesies surged. Meteors, asteroids, global warming, hurricanes, earthquakes, even solar flairs – literally everything is a sign of the […]


I recently watched another creative RSA Animate video on ‘Drive.’ Interestingly, it confirms some suspicions I’ve held for a long time. Although the typical atta-boys organizations often resort to for recognizing and motivate workers are not a total waste – these techniques are quite ineffective at motivating people.  In fact, some studies show a completely […]

At least we still have Turkey

When did the first thing I thought about when hearing the word ‘Turkey’ change from that delightful Thanksgiving meal to the one country we are still managing to whip with our science education program? Okay, to be fair, the rejection of evolutionary theory may not the be the sole indicator of a country’s performance in science education. […]