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Uh…just watch it.


“The Hurricane”

Painting “A Perfect Hurricane” by John Chancellor This poem was written in 1825 by Jose Maria de Heredia (a Cuban-born French poet who has been called “the modern master of the sonnet.”) and translated into English by the American poet William Cullen Bryant.     The Hurricane Lord of the winds! I feel thee nigh, I know […]

“Merry Christmas”

‘Tis the season to rejoice humanity’s well-being As people pause from busy lives and shelve their disagreeing, Absorbing festive music, drink, the food, and fine decor But checking all self-righteousness with egos at the door And gather not to please a power promising reward Or dodge a penalty that comes to those who aren’t on […]

Snowfall on Winter Solstice

The snow falls softly as I walk alone, Softly spreading nature’s icing ‘round Fading autumn hues on frosted ground Until the passing phase’s weary drone Vanishes beneath a virgin tone. I watch, enchanted, as the world’s replaced, Melancholy ambiance erased, Darkness conquered by a mystic white Glowing, numinous, this moonlit night, The worn and cold […]

Awww. God’s making them dance.

  What a loving God! Huh? They’re what?? Oh. Well, it’s a fallen world, man. Good news is that even though we caused this lion-hating mess, the sacrifice of God’s son (who is also him) will fix everything. In the meantime, we can at least look over here and see divine love in the way that […]

This poem was perfect until I wrote it.

The seed these verses sprouted from was pure, pristine and true, But as the fallen snow draws filth, a crooked sapling grew. My words are lowly shadows of those truths we say persist- Yet trump them in a crucial way: each fallen instance ‘is.’  My flaw was I believed I had the power to control And move the […]

Serpent’s Sin(e)

Like light, in waves your rippled being flows In rolling frequencies which curves compose; Yet in the shadowed undergrowth you hide, In coiled mysteries, silently abide.  Like music’s journey tangents are employed Deriving shifts with whispered sinusoid, Yet in the muted undergrowth you wait For dreams, the carrier you modulate. Seductively, thy coiled cypher sings And vibrates like unknown dimension […]

Planting trees whose shade you’ll never know.

  Do something with your life, my friend, that lasts beyond your time; Create, remake, and innovate-leave something grand behind. Give beauty root to render fruit for others when you go; Expand its seeds by planting trees whose shade you’ll never know.                                             – Jon Krutulis (c) 2010 Now that’s a fairly poignant metaphor: “Planting trees whose […]

The Wood of Life

Once you know enough to judge What’s good from what is evil, Courting God’s eternal grudge Thus triggering upheaval, Suffer, toil all your days Then perish, burn or fade to dust, For that’s the price that knowing pays To keep the laws of Eden just. Farewell to immortality As all who follow bear the blame, Kept exiled […]

Sacred Trees

These sacred columns bear the load Of binding ether to the earth; In darkness rooted fingers grope For lurking wells of unseen worth While drawing from celestial light And fusing soul to body’s sphere, Uniting day with fallen night In stoic shade, robust, austere. They offer flesh for us to eat, Imparting their inspired breath, They fall […]