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Let us Pray.

“This stinks!” At an event over the weekend involving occasional interludes of prayer, I and another skeptical attendee watched in curiosity as the verbal trigger of the religious spokesperson presiding over the event initiated the collective intercourse with the divine. The trigger was represented by a short text string such as “Heavenly Father…,” “Let us Pray…,” “Oh […]

Texass governor calls for more prayer

Texass Governor Rick Perry isn’t totally unrealistic. He knows you can’t undo an angry god’s drought which was brought on by a year’s worth of sinning with a single prayer event. This land is screwed up pretty bad. It takes many cycles of prayer. Everyone knows the source code: int God_Type = CONST_Yahweh; If (Drought) […]

You already know the answer is 42. All you have to do is figure out why.

The good thing about apologetics is that it refuses to write off the faculty of reason as unimportant. Unfortunately, the majority of Christian apologetics seems to consist of contorting the conclusions of a faith-based perspective into a rationalized whole. The gambit fails from the get-go because the exercise is ultimately finding a reasoned path to a pre-conceived […]

Nicely done, Hawaii!

But you’ve pissed off the Volcano Goddess. Better toss in a virgin or two. Remember the story of poor Mitch Kahle (which generated much discussion on this blog) who had the audacity to object to the prayer ritual kicking off the Hawaii State Senate? Poor Mitch was roughed up and dragged away in handcuffs! Well, […]