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Misc Tuesday


Wonder if this will snatch up any awards…

Since a meaningful percentage of my readership includes award winning sculptors, I thought I would post the documentary on this interesting…piece. Perhaps it will…uh…stimulate your creative juices. Fair warning…this is not quite in the “Rivers and Tides” genre…but it is a natural wall of sorts.   More interesting would be the documentary about how this guy managed […]

Russell’s teapot?

This was apparently the product of a homework assignment to create a video featuring the watering can.   Clever, eh? Here was another one with the same watering can but a different uh…spin. jk

21st Century Enlightenment

Kind of busy this week (got a new frog) so I’ve just been linking to other people’s stuff… Another good RSA Animate.   There seems to be a widespread perspective that not saying prayers in school, or at a graduation ceremony or prior to a congressional meeting, is the state’s endorsement of the secular position that […]

We have one artist in the family…

Spent the evening in downtown Indy checking out the art at the annual Hoosier Salon exhibit – in which my Dad (JoeK) had an impressive sculpture entry! It will be on display for two months at the State Museum – check it out if you get the chance. Good job Dad! I’ll post a picture as soon as I find […]

Gen Con is Here

Gen Con is in Indy this weekend. Hey – could be better than the Truck Show… A friend at work, let’s just call him “Tarzaan,” is a bit of Trekkie – he thinks Ricardo Montolban as Khan was second only to Charlton Heston as Moses in The Ten Commandments for all time best performances – and […]


Kind of quiet out there… Due to the road construction on my way home from work, I’m pretty consistently taking the back route home which channels me through the endless fields of corn. With the unbearable humidity interspersed with scattered thundershowers, the insect population is off the charts. My drive is to the demise of enough […]

Which game should we play?

A strange game selection from the game closet tonight – kind of a good v. evil theme. I found it a little ironic that a shelf holding a game called “The Ten Commandments Bible Game” would also hold the demonic Ouija board. Of course, the Bible Game is little more than Bible trivia combined with a […]

Welcome to TryThought!

Welcome to the TryThought Blog, an exploration of my interests in science, philosophy, literature, and life.  I tend to wander through a diverse range of topics, but you will probably notice the regular patterns that emerge as I come back to those areas that inspire the most passion for me.  This picture was taken by […]