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It all depends on your starting point.

 Uh…God 0, Descartes 1 If you ever visit the Creation Museum in Doucheberg, Kentucky, one of the surprising things you will encounter is that throughout the museum’s displays, the young-earth bible-thumping curators of the museum fully submit to the idea that by using “Man’s Reason” you will end up with a view of the world […]

Happy Birthday, Ken Ham!

Ken Ham turned 60 today. Or to convert that into Young Earth creationist years – he is just over 25 seconds old.  We all know, of course, that in 2007, Ham opened the Creation Museum in Doucheburg, Kentucky which last year saw its 1 millionth visitor, definitively demonstrating (contrary to previous hypotheses) that it is indeed possible to […]

Two more shopping days until the REAL end.

Camping enjoys world’s end. For more cool lightning pics – check it out!  I doubt anyone, even his most convinced of maroons, are too concerned about this Friday. The Catholic Church is still pulling the same old shenanigans; Pat Robertson is still blaming the gays for stuff (like escaped zoo animals); the Republican candidates are […]

See? This is why we need a moral authority!

Oh…wait. It wasn’t Spanish atheists who were responsible for stealing 300,000 babies over the past 50 years? Who was it then??? Ah…sadly, I probably could have guessed that. jk

Remember this Nutjob from May? Still here.

Camping is still working through the complexities of faith-based math. You might remember the TryThought countdown to Judgment Day from the May 2011 postings. Well, as you’re probably aware, the revised date for Judgment Day is rapidly approaching – October 21.  Of course, Camping is laying off the billboards this time, and there’s no need […]

So you’ve decided to be Gay…Part 2

In a big way… “Brokeback Flizbins” jk


You know, I try not to get too carried away here. But when you promote the replacement of Halloween with JesusWeen, you are asking for it. So it’s “You can be good without God” that’s offensive?  And, guess what? JesusWeen has its own website. Christians can use the occasion to evangelize! Oh boy! FYI – when searching […]

Is this published in a peer-reviewed journal?

Why yes…yes it is.  Those who are familiar with the long history of evolution vs creationism debates are quite aware that one of the frequent challenges from scientists, who rarely make a claim without a published, peer-reviewed article in an accredited scientific journal, is that the pseudo-scientific claims of creationists lack this same rigor. Although, […]

First I prayed for a blog idea…

Then I checked my email, and my brother had sent me this! Now tell me He doesn’t listen! Of course, after watching the video, this pretty much captures my reaction… jk

Did you feel that?

…I think it was Pat Morita rolling over in his grave. At 1:45 she pretty much insults all those of Asian descent. But on the plus side, she saves us having to buy Malcom Gladwell’s book! Wax Off, Mr. Miyagi…Wax Off. jk