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Sometimes you just gotta live the dream.

  This story just cracked me up. The man behind Ohio University’s mascot, Rufus Bobcat, had one dream in life – take down Ohio State mascot, Brutus Buckeye, at “The Shoe!” Well…he can die happy! The only thing funnier than the sudden impulse to brutalize the opposing mascot is a long, drawn out plot – years […]

The Wisdom of Jesse Jackson

Remember that old joke about the world’s shortest books? In the ultimate illegitamate use of metaphor through the gratuitous application of the race card, the Rev. Jackson (considered by many as our most important black leader) took time from servicing the community to criticize Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert’s reaction to LeBron James’ leaving Cleveland for South […]

Won, then done – in more ways than one.

20 Games after resuming, Isner pulls off the victory. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, he was fodder for his next opponent, but who wouldn’t be? The match will likely rival the final for memorability, so all-in-all not a bad way to go! (This post made from my new iPad.) jk

I don’t know what to say…

This is absolutely amazing. John Isner isn’t dejected – but he is very tired. After ten hours of tennis play was suspended because of darkness. Isner of the US and Nicolas Mahut of France are deadlocked in the fifth set at 59-59. (Yes, that’s 59-59! And those are games – not points – you have to win by two […]

And another thing wrong with soccer…

What kind of sport actually wants to ban women in orange miniskirts? You guessed it! This kind of gets back to discussion on obscure property or venues of ownership. The controversy at the World Cup is around a tactic known as ambush marketing whereby a potential advertiser finds a way to promote their brand in a […]


World Cup 2010 – USA v. England tie 1-1 Here was the game changing play, bringing a huge sigh of relief to MLB umpire Jim Joyce, who is now off the hot seat reserved for key split-second lapses in focus.  Welcome to the hot seat, Robert Green. (For the record, I feel for the guy.) As […]

And he’s OUT! … er Safe? WTF?

Ode to a Bad Call
Armando coolly wound his pitch
With one out left to get;
One batter more without a hitch
And history would be set.
The pitching rocked with awesome plays
But perfect games are rare
(Unless you’re playing Devil Rays
Where they’re more common fare.)
Now here he was with one more out,
He let that slider fly
The fans were screaming on their feet
Perfection was their cry.