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“Oh my God, what is that digging into my leg?….Nooooooooo!” In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the apparent increase in the propensity to embrace secular supernatural phenomenon: Ghosts, horoscopes, fortune telling, crystal energy, vortexes, homeopathy, clairvoyance, spiritual channelling, etc. It almost appears as if the migration away from traditional religious beliefs herds susceptible minds into waiting, […]

Halloween and your Goddamned Soul

A Christian celebrating Halloween is like…uh… A zombie celebrating Easter? The British skeptic and illusionist Richard Wiseman recently published a book entitled Paranormality, which takes a pretty clear stand that paranormal phenomena simply do not exist. Much like a geologist writing a book about the earth’s geology doesn’t lend credibility to the idea that our planet […]

The Life Science Award…uh…Wager?

When a recent commenter referred to the “Life Science Prize” a few days ago, I must admit that I was curious enough about this ‘prize’ (of which I’ve never heard) to at least click the link he so kindly provided. Suspecting something similar to James Randi’s “Million Dollar Challenge” which offers applicants lots of free money […]

Colbert’s O’Reilly & more pesky demons…

Per Lee’s request… The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Crisis in Egypt – Anderson Cooper & Bill O’Reilly<a> www.colbertnation.com Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog</a> Video Archive Quite funny. “Thank you, Bill, for giving my life meaning. You’re like St. Thomas Aquinas in that your understanding of the world […]

You do know it’s a myth, right?

Those damn atheists are at it again with another campaign. Why can’t they respect the spirit of Christmas? I am biased, but the the American Atheists campaign seems a lot classier than the recent “keep Christmas holy” campaign featuring a haloed ultrasound. We’d all like to get a peek at that DNA! Which is somewhat ironic […]

The power of Christ compels you…

Day 1, Breakout Session 2 – 10:00-11:30 am, Conference Rm B “Avoiding Lawsuits when Drawing Demons from a Thrashing Body” In response to my latest criticism on ghosts and demons, the Catholic Church is holding an Exorcism Conference this weekend in Baltimore. (The church has been so accommodating at providing fodder for my blog.) Helpfully, Bishop Thomas […]

They’re not ghosts, they’re demon puppets.

Roughly half of the U.S. population believes in ghosts. This is a staggering proportion given that generally speaking a belief in non-religious magical beings often seems to be pretty much on the fringes of culture. Importantly, the existence of a ghost would be much more closely associated with the material realm than a soul which […]