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Now I’m ready for May 21st (Armageddon)

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s the end of the world. I remember back in the 1970’s there was so much paranoia about the Russians and World War III that people actually started building bomb shelters in their back yards and stocking them with non-perishable canned foods. This was surprisingly common and many of these […]

Happy Valenwines Day

For Valentines Day, the wife and I popped open the first bottle from my recent pilgrimage to wine country – A Limited Release 2006 ArtesaMerlot. All I can say is, Paul Giamatti and Sideways can kiss my ass — that was a damn fine Merlot. I’m glad I didn’t buy a case of it, or I might […]

Wine storage

  Vineyards at Pride Mountain Winery As many of you know, I spent last week in the Napa Valley/Sonoma area visiting some of the region’s fine wineries. My brother is a bad person to do this with because he tends to find the exceptionally wonderful wineries where I spend too much money because…well where else can […]