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They execute everything in Texas.

Carrying forward yesterday’s theme of irrational responses to harmless things, we have a group of loons in Amarillo who take offense at the “false idol” of Santa Claus. This is their reaction. (The crossed-out coexist shirts are classic! Pretty much says it all.)   We would plead that the Lord have mercy on your soul, but […]

“History is literally His story.”

That was quote I heard on a Christian radio show discussing the historical perfection of the bible and how it contains no contradictions or historical inaccuracies as it is the perfect written word of God. Over the holidays, a heretic friend of mine started some trouble by highlighting our uncertainty of the actual birthday of […]

“Merry Christmas”

‘Tis the season to rejoice humanity’s well-being As people pause from busy lives and shelve their disagreeing, Absorbing festive music, drink, the food, and fine decor But checking all self-righteousness with egos at the door And gather not to please a power promising reward Or dodge a penalty that comes to those who aren’t on […]

Snowfall on Winter Solstice

The snow falls softly as I walk alone, Softly spreading nature’s icing ‘round Fading autumn hues on frosted ground Until the passing phase’s weary drone Vanishes beneath a virgin tone. I watch, enchanted, as the world’s replaced, Melancholy ambiance erased, Darkness conquered by a mystic white Glowing, numinous, this moonlit night, The worn and cold […]

“No one owns being Good.”

Here’s a holiday message from Ricky Gervais. Give it a read. I no longer needed a reason for my existence, just a reason to live. And imagination, free will, love, humor, fun, music, sports, beer and pizza are all good enough reasons for living. Well, he forgot women, but hey, not a bad list! In other news, […]

The problem with Santa

Jesus Christ, that guy’s fast! Everyone loves Santa. Well…okay, not everyone. After a little digging, I discovered Santa presents more of an issue than simply a distraction away from the religious meaning of Christmas. He’s a bigger problem than the cultural implication that rich kids are always fabulously good and poor kids are not. Santa, […]

Begin consuming…now!

Why does she keep getting me this stuff I’ll never wear? A short drive yesterday reminded me how crazy shopping season gets. Not quite as bad as the Rally to Restore Sanity – but not that far behind. It’s probably better simply to do your shopping online. I have a number of gift ideas. First […]